Everyone Is God To Me – Okyeame Kwame Writes

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Okyeame Kwame Writes –

I worship everyone and everything I meet .
I know I love God . I know I will never see God . So , I have decided to respect , love , honor and worship everyone and everything I meet .
I do not hate any one or anything ! I love everyone and everything. When I meet a person, I know I am in the presence of the divine because there is divinity in everything.
I love everyone and treat everyone as God until they show me they are only human . Even that , they must burn me twice , because , the first time they hurt me could be an accident . If they repeat their unpleasant actions or words , then I establish their patterns as their behavior until they apologize and promise to change .
If they are insistent on being unpleasant , I still cannot hate them , I will lower my love to just liking them .
Since I started practicing this lifestyle, I have been happier, clearer and a much easier person to deal with .
Everyone is God to me and deserves my worship and service .
Love is sweet when you show it to your kind . It is sweetest when you show it to people who look nothing like you , oppose you , gossip about you , persecute you and especially people who can never repay you for your kindness .
My question
Do you see the divine in everyone ?


google.com, pub-6336011652228911, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0