Teen Asked to Leave Prom Over Attire And Behavior, She Blames ‘Prudish’ Christians


Clare-Schauldt-claims-conservative-Christians-are-teh-cause-of-her-being-kicked-out-of-prom.-www.allchristiannews.com_We may never know the exact reason why Clare Schlaudt (pictured), a homeschooled teenager who attended a graduation prom at a local church, was asked to leave the event by an organizer only referred to as “Mrs. D.” Was it because the prim Christian organizers of the event found that Schlaudt’s dress was too revealing, when in fact, it was stunningly beautiful, as the 17-year-old writes on her blog, or was it because she acted in the manner of a spoiled brat, as some of those present claim? Whatever the reason, Schlaudt has caused a storm on the internet with her blog post describing her version of the events that took place. Many commenters have chosen sides to argue the point of whether she is right or just a plain, vindictive liar. According to Schlaudt, when she arrived at the Richmond Homeschool Prom, held at a local Methodist church, she was immediately approached by Mrs. D., who complained that her attire was not appropriate for the event. She adds that the organizer told her that her dress was too short, but allowed her to enter the building. فرنسي اون لاين The organizer approached Schlaudt a short while later, while she was on the dance floor with friends, and told her that she would have to leave the prom. She claimed that some of the other guests had complained she was acting in a provocative manner, Schlaudt adds. Although Schlaudt admits that she made a rude gesture as she was leaving the prom and some of her friends may have shouted profanities, she believes she was the victim of prudish conservative Christians. موقع الفورمولا She is now demanding that the organizers of the prom issue a full apology to her and her friends and return their entrance fee to the event. Schlaudt has generated support from various online commenters who agree that she was treated unfairly. However, there are also many who don’t believe she is telling the whole truth about the issue. One guest of the event, who attended with their daughter and son, wrote that Schlaudt’s dress was too tight and kept riding up around her thighs, but she continued dancing as if nothing was amiss. Another female commenter, who helped organize the prom, wrote that Schlaudt was “extremely argumentative and belligerent,” and the reason she was asked to leave the prom is because she would not behave in a reasonable manner. اسماء ورق الدومينو