Smooth Talking Pastor Nicknamed “Suede” Sëxually Assaults 15-Year-Old Girl

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Damien-Bonner-nicknamed-suede-had-sex-with-15-year-old-girl.-www.allchristiannews.com_The grandmother of a 15-year-old girl that was allegedly sëxually assaulted by the Rev. Damien Bonner (pictured), senior pastor at Galilee Baptist Church in Tulsa, OK, said that she believes that it was not the first time that the smooth-talking pastor has done this kind of thing.

In an interview with FOX 23, the elderly woman said that Bonner once gave a sermon at his church where he explained that people had called him “Suede” because he was so smooth in his approach to people. She added that’s exactly what he had done to her granddaughter’s family, smoothed his way into their home and trust.

Bonner was apprehended this week after an Oklahoma task force tracked him down and charged him with six counts of lewd mοlestation with an underage girl who was a friend of his children.

According to the alleged victim’s grandmother, Bonner has two children who are about the same age as her granddaughter, so the family readily accepted him into their home and put their trust in him. She adds that she blames herself for trusting this despicable man just because he was a pastor and had children.

According to Jason Woodruff of the Owasso Police, the accused pastor had purchased gifts for the teenage girl, such as cell phone and clothes, in an attempt to gain her trust before allegedly taking her to his apartment and mοlesting her.

The young girl was shy and withdrawn before Bonner started to take an interest in her, according to the grandmother. She adds that he told her that he would help bring the teenager out of her shell by talking to her and that’s just what he did.

Allegedly, that’s not all the trusted servant of God did because family members of the young girl claim that they found inappropriate messages to the teenage girl that were sent from the pastor’s phone.

However, when he was challenged by members of her family, Bonner claimed that it was his son that had sent the text and if they pushed the issue, no one would believe what they said.

As if the young girl and her family haven’t been through enough, Bonner’s church has taken his side in the allegations against him and the church of the girl’s family has turned their backs on them, according to the grandmother., pub-6336011652228911, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0