Inmate had a bible next to his head when guards murdered him with poisoned gas


bibleA lawsuit was filed this week against the Florida Department of Corrections by inspector Aubrey P. Land, who stumbled upon a cover-up regarding the deαth of an inmate while investigating charges of prison corruption.  Think Progress is reporting that when Land and his colleagues tried to report what they believed to be a high-level cover-up, they were denied whistleblower status and faced retaliation.

The inmate who died was Randall Jordan-Aparo, who was serving an 18-month sentence for credit card and drug charges.  The lawsuit reveals that Jordan-Aparo “was the victim of force or discipline made either maliciously or sadistically for the purpose of causing harm and for retaliation for threatening to bring a lawsuit.”  Evidence points to the fact that Jordan-Aparo was gassed to death in his cell over the course of five hours after he threatened to sue the Department of Corrections for not being taken to the hospital after requesting medical treatment.

After he threatened to file the lawsuit, he was placed in solitary confinement and sprayed with gas, after which he was “left to suffocate in his contaminated cell without medical intervention.” According to the Miami Herald, Jordan-Aparo was discovered, “coated in yellow residue, his face was pressed up against the bottom of the steel door and a Bible was next to his head.” Staff and medical providers apparently attempted to attribute his deαth to an infection.

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