This author warns men: Never marry a church girl, they’re evil and materialistic


black-church-girl-300x180According to Cory A. Haywood in his column “The Black Hat,” African-American brothers should think twice before tying the knot with a good Christian woman, especially if she happens to be the daughter of a preacher.

The Southern California based personal fitness trainer goes on to say that a good Christian woman may seem like the perfect partner for life, because she can cook, she’s intelligent and she will take good care of you. He adds however, that you should be aware that if things go wrong in the marriage, she might act more like Satan himself.

According to Haywood, a Christian woman, when she’s angry can be your worst nightmare. He adds that she might threaten to burn you with hot oil or hit you over the head with her Bible, while she’s calling you a heathen for not attending church with her.

If you’re thinking of marrying a good Christian woman because you don’t want to end up getting divorced, you’d better think again, said Haywood. He adds that the people who congratulated you at your wedding are most likely to be the one’s spreading malicious rumors about you in church.

Another thing the columnist believes about marrying into a Christian family is that you’d better be prepared to be put in the spotlight. He adds that most Christian families probe into your private life to see what they can dig up to gossip about in church and your wife is likely to listen to them.

The worst thing a black man can do, according to Haywood, is fall into the mistaken belief that a Christian wife will obey and respect you, because the Bible tells them to do so. He adds that in today’s society, it’s rare to find a black woman who will submit fully to her husband, unless he brings in a much larger amount of the family income and even then, she’ll want to have her say.

Haywood believes that one of the main problems with young Christian women is that they interpret the Bible to fit their way of thinking.

“In the eyes of many Christian black women, a man isn’t worth being respected, or obeyed, unless he provides the finer things life has to offer; the necessities come second,” said Haywood. He continues, “Many young black women simply aren’t mature in their walk with Christ. They tend to value material objects, instead of finding the value in their own lives and relationships.”