California Bill Removes “Husband” and “Wife” So Homo$exuals Can Just Be Called “Spouses”


gay-marriage1-300x222Last year the 9th Circuit Court ruling struck down California’s Proposition 8 as unconstitutional, because it wanted to define marriage as only being between one man and one woman. Now, a new law pushing traditional marriage a little further down has just been signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

Even though the constituents of California had voted in favor of Proposition 8, the Supreme Court refused to overturn the lower court’s decision, ignoring the majority voters of California’s wishes.

The new law, SB1306, which will take effect at the start of next year, will remove the terms “husband” and “wife” from the official Family Code and replace them with the generic term “spouse.”

After the Supreme Court refused to reverse the ruling on Proposition 8, the Democratic Senator for San Francisco, Mark Leno, saw an opportunity to further help the LGBT community and introduced the new bill.

Leno said that he was happy that the Governor had signed the bill into law and this new legislation would bring California up to date, instead of living in the past with outdated laws and traditions.

However, Matthew McReynolds, attorney with the Pacific Justice Institute in California, believes that politicians have no right to go against the wishes of their constituents just to please one specific group of people.

McRenyonlds went on to say “What these politicians don’t want people to know is that their actions are illegitimate. Contrary to media myths, Proposition 8 has not been invalidated on a statewide basis.” He continued, “Instead, these politicians are exercising raw power, ignoring the Constitution and counting on the people and the courts not to hold them accountable.”

This is not the first time that Governor Brown has been criticized for going against the wishes of his constituents. Last year, he signed a bill into law that would require insurance companies in California to provide coverage for infertility treatments for homos*xuals who could not have children of their own.

Since the law states that all any homos*xual couples have to do, in order to be eligible, is prove that they have been trying unsuccessfully to have children with one another for one year, the law would apply to every gay or lesbian couple on the planet, according to Ben Shapiro.
The conservative political commentator and radio talk show host continues that the law should state that two gay men will be considered infertile if they are both incapable of impregnating a surrogate mother, but it doesn’t.