Did You Know Mahama Has 18 Children? 4 Other Things You Didnt Know About His Marriage

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President-of-Ghana-Day-1-dc353That is the hazard of being married to a handsome man; even my friends tease me and say that I am lucky to have caught him (John Mahama) when I did, else if they had met him first, I would not have had him

Those were the words of First Lady Lordina Mahama to Daily Guide in 2008 when asked about how they got together. Of course, it is an open secret that the President has been a little wild and promiscuous in the past. We decided to go back and dig into the marriage of the first family and how they are still happy, however ugly and bleak the past has been. Lets go through few facts about their marriage.

  1. Lordina knows he is a lady’s man


Our archive revealed that she is not perturbed that her husband is perceived as a ‘woman’s man’ because she is well-adjusted to that ‘hazardous’ life of being married to a handsome man. Often than not, sympathizers of the NDC play the ‘fine boy’ card when talking about President Mahama. Well, as it so happened, Lordina knows her husband is the lady’s man is it does not tickle her at all.


2. Mahama was a Presbyterian but Lordina made him change to Assemblies of God

Lordina has shaped the President into the type of man he wants. Our checks confirmed that indeed Mahama’s family is a multi-faith consisting of Christians and muslims and that Mahama was a Presbyterian.

However, years after marrying Lordina, he decided to switch to Assemblies of God in 2001 where Lordina was worshiping at the time.


3. Mahama has 18 Children, only 7 of them are Lordina’s

In 2008, We recall that Lordina confirmed reports that her husband has other children apart from her’s, and explained how it happened. According to her, Mahama was ‘wild’ in his youthful days. For a ‘fine boy’, that is not surprising.

John was a bit wild in his more youthful days. It happened at a time we had some turbulence in our relationship and I had returned to Europe where I lived many years before we got married

Our gossip team unveiled that his last born is with a lady at Dansoman. So in all, he has 18 children, with 17 on record. Mothers of his children? We’ll uncover those in our next expose.


5. Upon all these, Lordina says she would marry him over again if she were young

By now we are sure the grounds that Mahama has been a little was wild has been solidified. One would expect that Lordina has regrets by now but no, she once said- ” if I were young and had to marry, I would marry him all over again,”

There you have it, NsromaMedia digs up everything and bare it as it is. Our team is working around the clock to let you what is happening and what has happened in the lives of your personality.

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