Mainstream Media No Longer Interested In Monogamy

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polyamorous-couplesAccording to Diana Adams, a self confessed bisεxual and lawyer fighting for the rights of polyamorists, those who believe in having an intimate relationship with more than one partner, polyamoric couples are similar to gays, because they are just another different sεxual orientation from the normal.

The head of a legal firm that fights for the rights of polyamorists goes on to say that she believes people like her should have the same rights as traditional married couples, because they are in loving relationships with others, who are also consenting adults.

Adams also believes that being polyamoric is not much different from other couples, except that they have multiple relationships, because polyamoric people were born that way, just as homosεxuals and hetorosεxuals were born to feel as they do. However, she admits that most polyamorists do have one primary partner.

In a recent interview with Roc Morin for The Atlantic, entitled, “Up for Polyamory? Creating Alternatives to Marriage,”Adams said that she realized that she was different from others at a young age, because she felt a strong sεxual attraction to more than one partner at a time.

Other media articles have cropped up that suggest that the new trend of the media, after having pushed gay marriages down our throats, is set to become forcing the acceptance of polyamorists.

Reportedly, “Everything You Wanted to Know About Polyamory but Were Afraid to Ask,” appeared in The Week magazine on Valentine’s Day this year and another media outlet, the Globe and Mail, published an article describing how one couple avoided divorce by taking on different sεxual partners.

According to a recent article that appeared in Scientific American, about 5% of American couples admit that they are not satisfied with their monogamous relationship and are venturing to find pleasure elsewhere with other partners, with the full permission and blessings of their spouse.

With the recent acceptance and legalization of same-sεx marriages happening in states all around the U.S., which the media pushed for with great enthusiasm, how long will it be before pastors are required, by law, to perform wedding ceremonies of multiple partners?

The next Sodom and Gomorrah may well be upon us before we know it, if churches don’t stand up to their professed Biblical beliefs, maybe even the end of traditional marriage and the American family way of life is in sight, if nothing is done.

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