For Those Expecting Rapture Or To Be Raptured

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thumb (2)Enoch walked with God Almighty and He pleased God and In Genesis 5: 24, God took him. Elijah went up as Elisha Looked on, but Elisha followed Elijah painstakingly until Elisha received the double portion of Elijah’s Spirit. 2 Kings 2: 11.

The Rapture is an individual affair, but before any Individual can make the RAPTURE, each individual should go through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph Ministries of Justification, Sanctification, baptism of Holy Ghost and into the Lord Himself (God in Human flesh).

Abraham – FAITH, Isaac – LOVE, Jacob – GRACE, and Joseph – PERFECTION.

Just before the Gospel goes back to the original place and to the original owners – ISRAEL, there comes the Interruption of Nature, which will cause the dead in Christ to resurrect and to come out from their graves and show themselves to many Living Saints and then within Thirty to Forty days time the Rapture takes place. Can I teach you the Supernatural things? And are you Spiritual? Read Revelations Chapters 5,6,7,8,9,10,11. To make it very easy for you, please read (1) The Seven Church Ages book, (2) The Revelation of the Seven Seals (3) The Masterpiece (4) The Stature of a perfect man (5) Taking Sides with Jesus.

All those can be down loaded for free on I cannot tell you these things if I do not know what is coming, by God’s good grace I know what is coming and by God’s grace, I can put my Life on the line. One may ask, “Why are you so confident?” Just as Job of old saw the first resurrection of the dead, there is coming a second and even a third resurrection of the Dead.

Let us go back to the subject matter, Rapture; you cannot be a chemist technologist without studying chemistry. Before anyone can be raptured today, one has to be under a fivefold Ministry according to Ephesians 4: 7 -15. If you seriously want to make the Rapture then you should know Malachi 4: 5 – 6 also about Luke 17: 30, Revelations 10: 7.

Be part of The Bride of Christ. Know you’re A, B, C’s first, know about the ANTI-CHRIST, be sealed with the Holy Spirit of Christ and constantly be in the Holy Spirit of God, am NOT talking about speaking in an unknown tongues please. To make the Rapture, you have to know what Paul preached, Ireneaus, Martin, Columber, Luther, Wesley, William Branham and then after receiving all that you then make sure your soul is housing the Lord of Glory, the God of the whole universe – not your spirit but your SOUL.

How can I teach Pentecostal babies supernatural things? A word to the wise is enough. God has spoken and so shall it be, there shall be a church without spot or wrinkle. The Seven Thunders of Revelations 10, they show the bride how to prepare for the great translation.

For the trumpet of God shall sound and the dead in Christ shall rise first and then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up to be with the Lord. ONLY a few will make that RAPTURE. Do you want to be part of that chosen few?

In Noah’s time the whole Earth was baptized with water, In Jesus time His BLOOD sanctified the Earth, Noah – Justification, our Lord Jesus was sanctification, and in our time according to Amos 3: 7, we are to be taught what to do according to Malachi Chapter 4: 5 – 6 and most Christians believe that William Marion Branham fulfilled Malachi 4: 5 -6. But what is NOW? THE NOW is in Ephesians 4. 2Timothy chapter 3. The fivefold Ministry to preach what has already been preached by the prophet’s of old. Shalom and Hook up to, pub-6336011652228911, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0