Dollar: Ghana will prosper if it puts God first


74197477A renowned international evangelist, Dr Creflo Dollar, has advised Ghanaians to put God first if they want Ghana to prosper.

Addressing a news conference ahead of this year’s Grace Festival Conference in Accra Tuesday, May 10, Dr Dollar said Ghana will only see the developmental changes it desires if Ghanaians dedicate every activity to God.

“…I want to leave my blessings in this nation because it’s a great nation,” he stated.

“I have been here before, I have seen the progress of this nation, and yet all countries at this time have their challenges especially economic and social, but for this country I want to say when God is the centre then no matter what is going on if you trust him things will work out and there would be people on the outside looking at your nation saying how were they able to make it, how were they able to get through, and I believe there will be a group of people that will stand up and say: ‘In God we trust.’”

The two-day festival, which is sponsored by Class Media Group owners of Class91.3fm and Accra100.5fm, commenced Tuesday 10th May 2016 at the National Theatre and will run until Wednesday, May 11.