Caring For All Believers In The Church Part XII By Jude Thaddeus Taylo

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Beloved Christian; The Church is the Inn, Where Jesus Christ the Inn Keeper has gathered those He called from the street with various ailments, those in captivity,injured,beaten,robbed,leprosy,blinded,servants of Satan,oppressed, the list is endless.He has brought us to spiritually set us free by breaking all bonds, and healing us of all our diseases,setting the captives free ;Mark spells these out.

In the Inn, Jesus Christ;the Inn Keeper and at the same time as the Good Samaritan, started with twelve servants and spiritually brought His being into them to equally become the rocks on which the Church is being built and later being recovered.He taught them,trained them for over three and half years also, to help Him feed and also physically for them to attend, train and spiritually bring them(fellow servants and brothers/sisters) to the feet of Jesus Christ as their life. Under His feet each of us will have to continue torching the helm of His garment spiritually without ceasing.

(Through redemption,regeneration,sanctification,transformation and many more).

These, God calls us children of God or the kingdom of God,the Body of Christ,the Bride.Whilst the “Power that worketh” in us, His people the infusion of God Himself into us;as humans. He himself the first born Son of God took the likeness of flesh(incarnated) and became one of us. He lived amongst us for thirty three years in the flesh,and after His resurrection, He is ever living amongst us continuing with His work, by the Spirit or our “comforter”.

Thus every member of those who have been called has an obligation to be each others keeper,helping the leading ones to help us with our physical and spiritual well-being. Whilst our Saviour and Author works internally and spiritually in us for our spiritual growth.By attending the table during fellowship with the gifts given to each of us(by the same God through Christ) we cooperate with Christ to build His Church.

Now let us continue with our studies in Ezekiel on the Church building by Jesus Christ with our cooperation.

V. 15: I have mentioned it else where that, it is true that the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation presents a full picture of the economy of God ( Eph 1: 10;3:9; 1 Tim.1:4). And of God’s move on earth to carry out His economy. In the book of Ezekiel God’s economy and God’s move in His economy are signified by a wheel. The hub of this great wheel signifies Christ as the centre of God’s economy, and the rim signify Christ’s counterpart, the church, which consummates in the New Jerusalem. The spokes of the wheel spreading from the hub to the rim signify the many believers as the members of Christ.

The appearing of the wheels on the earth beside the living creatures indicates that God’s move on earth follows the coordination of the four living creatures. The move by a wheel implies an extra ordinary move with a purpose. Furthermore, it implies that this move is not by our own strength. I will stress here again that, this is also a burden this book is sharing with other believers, and we are under no illusion that the human structured churches do not have God’s approval. He who is patient and wants all to repent will allow them alongside His Church to await the judgement day.

The wheels being for the four faces of the living creatures indicates that if we would have the Lord’s move, we must first live out the Lord, expressing Him. Whilst the Lord’s move and economy rolls on we as the human being members should make a deliberate attempt to focus and cooperate with our God through Christ in our spirit. Through that we are from inside out burnt of the self and old life/man.
V.16: The mention of the item “beryl.” Beryl is the appearance of the Lord when He is moving (Daniel 10:6). This indicates that within the move of the wheels is the appearance of the Lord.
That all four wheels had the same likeness, the same appearance, indicates that the move of the Lord has the same likeness and appearance in every church (1 Cor.4:17;7:17;11:16;14:33;16:1; 1 Thes.2:14; /Rev.2:7;1:20).

A wheel within a wheel indicates that in the move of the living creatures there is the move of the Lord, i.e., that the Lord moves in their moving(cf James 5:17 and ). The inner wheel, the Lord as the hub, is the source of power for the moving of the outer wheel, the church as the rim. We thank God for the use of His servants for the in depth expounding of the truth established from time immemorial. Such is the message relevant for the end times.

V.17:The wheels going in four directions, not turning as they went, indicates a move in coordination, without any turns ( I gave an in-depth explanation to this in my verse 12 sharing, please refer to the initial paragraph of the verse mentioned).

V.18: What a marvelous saying. “In ourselves we should be small, but the wheel beside us, i.e., the move of God’s economy with us, should be high and awesome( 1 Cor.15:9; 2 Cor. 11:5;12:11; Eph.3:8-11). Though we may be fearful of mistaken this work of God to be dependent on us rather because of His move in His economy we should fearlessly, and vigorously pursue His leading and directions as His wheel around the church moves the rim/church. Knowing that the inner wheel within the wheel has its source of energy move from the main wheel. What an awesome understanding we are privileged to share.

Eyes indicate insight, foresight, and other kinds of sight. The more we have the move of the Lord, the more we are enlightened and the more we will be able to see. So availing ones self or self denial and becoming flexible to be one with others and follow as the rim/or inner wheel turns by His move, makes us have His move.

V 19:That the wheels follow the living creatures indicates that if we move in faith( as I explained above; we, and especially the leading members should encourage the believers to move in faith and not to trust their stories of prosperity and other irrelevant stories to the move of the Lord), the Lord .

Please we pray the ever continuous flow and infilling of Christ into each one of us especially you who is studying or reading this piece.


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