Breakdown of governance cause of corruption in Ghana – expert

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storyA fellow of the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) says the prevalence of corruption in Ghana is a consequence of institutional failure.

says the breakdown of governance, leadership, and democracy in the country is to blame for the unending corruption of both public and private Ghanaians.

“The bottom line is that when leadership, governance, and democracy fail, then of course corruption comes up,” he said.

Professor Aryee made this comment when explaining findings of a research conducted by the Institute to find out the roots of corruption in Ghana.

Corruption has taken a center stage in public discourse of the country due to the debilitating nature of the economy.

The governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been accusedProfessor Atsu Aryee of sanctioning stealing of the nation’s limited resources by appointees.

Some Ghanaians have urged the government to prosecute ministers who are corrupt, but President Mahama says he will do so if Ghanaians are able to identify such individuals.

He says there is increased awareness of corruption in the country not because the rate is increasing but because the media have hyped it.

Settling on research statistics, Professor Aryee says about 72 percent of respondents felt the current corruption level in the country is high because of poor leadership.

They believe President Mahama is encouraging corruption in his government because of the way he approaches claims made against his ministers.

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