Video: Deeper Life to scrap unbiblical church doctrines

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54378507.295The Deeper Christian Life Ministry popularly known as Deeper Life Bible Church will soon scrap certain doctrines in the church which was not ordained by God.

According to its General Overseer, Pastor W.F.Kumuyi, the doctrines are rather driving people away from the church.

Addressing his congregation in Nigeria, he indicated that most of the church doctrines are not in the Bible rather his own creation just to put people on the right path but has now noticed are yielding negative results.

Citing the creation of the Marriage Committee and the Women’s Ministry as an example, Pastor Kumuyi said it is rather preventing people from joining the church meant to be a haven to win more souls for Christ.

“Women ministry is our own making, and if we find out that the women ministry is taking us into the world and we are helping each other on how to live like the world and marry like the world and deal with your husband like the world- if it is not helping us and if it is going to hinder us, we strike if off,” he stated.

“Before I leave, I mean before I go, I am going to remove everything that I set up, that I thought will help Deeper Life and make us Holy, make us sanctified, make us deep, make us deeper. And I see it is not making us deeper, before I leave, I will uproot all of them and present to you a pure church before I leave.”

Pastor Kumuyi said he is ready for criticism because he does not want to incur the wrath of God on judgement day.

He went on to go against the tradition usually observed by the Church’s marriage committee, which is peculiar to Deeper Life. He asked the congregation of the church “Are we not conforming with the world”.
, pub-6336011652228911, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0