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Thanksgiving Service: What Archbishop Agyinasare Told NDC

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Founder of the Perez Chapel International (PCI), Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, has asked the newly elected national executive members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to put up their best behaviour in public, as they are the government in waiting.

According to him, the public conduct and statements of the new executives will reflect the kind of government the NDC will be, if entrusted with the reins of governance, urging them to appreciate the Ghanaian culture of decorum.

“Political parties are public institutions and the public, rightly, has an interest in what happens internally. Our public conduct and statements reflect the kind of government you are in waiting for or would be when entrusted with power,” the Archbishop stated at the thanksgiving service of the NDC executives at the Dome branch of the PCI.

He said while the church cannot prescribe to the NDC executives what to say or what not to say, “it is always important to appreciate the Ghanaian culture of decorum and circumspection and being cautious of the unintended effects and meanings of your public pronouncements.”


He also said the public was concerned about the financial inducements and “how money has replaced conscience in politics,” and noted that “It’s obvious the greatest enemy of this nation is corruption.”

The Perez Archbishop, however, intimated that looking at the way political parties fund their activities and campaigns, his church was of the view that “we are not going to fight corruption anytime soon.”

“Those political business people who fund politicians end up hijacking the wealth of the nation. Politicians help us fight this. Our nation is sinking too fast and we can’t continue in this direction,” he posited.

For him, those who gain political power must not use it as a means to amass wealth for themselves and their loved ones, charging the NDC to exorcise the perception that Ghanaian politicians go into office to steal from the public purse.

“You must exorcise the perception that Ghanaian politicians go into office to steal from the public purse and do not do anything for free,” he challenged.

Agyinasare said political parties must make sure they implement sound social and economic policies to improve upon the living conditions of citizens.

“Currently, our economy is facing many challenges, for reasons best known to all. Ghanaians would like to see a paradigm shift which can impact the economy and lives.

“Whether we like it or not, it’s one political party or another that would lead to achieve this. It is, therefore, very imperative for parties seeking to be in government to also espouse sound policy alternatives on national issues that will give hope to the people,” he charged further.

Constructive Criticism

He urged the NDC executives to criticise constructively for national development, saying, “It must not be criticism for criticism’s sake but constructive criticism that leads to our collective benefit as a nation.”

“Ghanaians would be looking forward to a healthy balance between patronage and meritocracy as the challenges of economic management get tougher,” he added.

He continued, “This would also require a useful blend between the old and the young to give hope and assurance that we appreciate the magnitude of public expectations.”

National Peace

He used the occasion to call for a national peace, noting, “Without peace and tranquility, countries struggle to develop, and citizens become despondent.”

“Political parties play major roles in maintaining the peace or otherwise of countries including Ghana. As we move into major campaign activities towards the 2024 elections, all parties must endeavour to maintain the peace of the country,” he admonished.

“The NDC as the party that ushered the 4th Republican dispensation has a duty to ensure your conduct protects this democracy which turned 30 years yesterday,” he stressed.

He also said political parties must steer more towards research-based decisions and choices if they want to carry the people along.

“Let’s be mindful that decisions based on narrow group interest often cause gross disaffection and internal apathy. As we get closer to the next elections, we don’t need fanciful, unrealistic & ill-researched promises just aimed at winning power,” he told the NDC leaders.

The NDC national executives, led by its National Chairman, Johnson Asiedu Nketia, attended the Perez Chapel International branch at Dzorwulu in Accra to thank God for the successful congress in December.

In attendance were the Second Vice Chairperson, Shirley Ayittey; General Secretary, Fifi Fiavi Kwetey; Second Deputy Communication Officer, Godwin Ako Gunn; and Greater-Accra Regional Chairman, Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore.

Asiedu Nketia aka General Mosquito thanked the Archbishop for his candid advice, and recounted the electoral processes the NDC went through in electing the new executives.

Source: dailyguidenetwork.com

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