Re: We Are Sorry: Church Leaders Regret Neglect Of Hearing-Impaired By Chris Bapuohyele

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thumbA news item—We are sorry: Church Leaders Regret Neglect of Hearing-Impaired—published in the March 8, 2013, of the Daily Graphic of Ghana and posted on some websites hit me strongly and, hence, my attempt at a rejoinder.

The news item was, in fact, a litany of apologies by clergymen for neglecting hearing-impaired people in Ghana. The confessions by bible-believing clergymen saddened me to the point of tears.

On reading this news, one is set wondering whether the Gospel message is still about healing and salvation or if this message has lost its healing and miracle power today? Are those who claim to be propagating this message without the anointing of the Almighty, and so are ignored when they cry to Him to open deaf ears?

Are clergymen directing their prayers wrongly and hence cannot get the results they seek? Is frustration in unanswered prayers what is pushing bible-believing clergymen to employ sign language translators to aid hearing-impaired people grasp their sermons? These questions drew tears to my eyes.

The Gospel for mankind’s redemption has not changed since the last apostle left earth. Though mankind has perverted the Almighty’s Hebrew Holy Scriptures—the authentic source of the Gospel—by translating it into English without His mandate, the salvation message can still be found in the English Bible, albeit with difficulty.

If the message of healing and salvation is same today as of old, yet the hearing-impaired cannot hear, could messengers of this message not be the problem? Are today’s messengers indeed of Heaven, and with the needed steam? All messengers must examine their innermost beings to know where they are or stand.

Messengers must also reexamine the Master they serve! They must, without a doubt, know who they serve, for there are many of the Almighty’s enemies of darkness out there wearing shining clothing and mimicking Him!

Their chief is Lucifer, who has vowed to nullify through deception, every plan and act, time and season, and law and precept, of the Almighty to establish his own, and, in and by that, make himself the object of man’s worship; something he is already enjoying!

Lucifer came this far because he created two big phantoms to aid him. One is called Satan. Know that Lucifer is a real being who was created—pure, holy, and talented, until he sinned—and so cannot create or reproduce. Lucifer can only form phantoms in human minds—Satan being the chief. The Almighty will judge Lucifer as His creation, but not Satan, a phantom He has not created!

Strangely, the world knows not Lucifer but rather Satan, who is considered the cause of all evil! Lucifer shifts blame to Satan—who, being a phantom, cannot be tried—seeking to have an alibi on Judgment Day, using mankind as his witness against Satan!

The other phantom Lucifer formed after the apostles had exited earth is JESUS CHRIST, who he deceives mankind is the Savior-Son of the Almighty! Before Lucifer achieved this feat, the Savior-Son of the Almighty had long been known in Heaven, before coming to earth, and during all his days on earth, by the name YESHUA.

The earth has the irrefutable witness of the whole nation of Israel that YESHUA (4 BCE-30 CE) lived as their kinsman in the flesh—who they killed but resurrected on the third day after his burial.

JESUS CHRIST, without one witness ever seeing him in the flesh, came into the minds of men through bible translation of the name YESHUA HaMashiach and, thus, forever remains a phantom, incapable of bringing salvation to mankind!

Anyone looking to JESUS CHRIST to get plugged ears opened will be disappointed and, hence, the predicaments of today’s clergymen. Only YESHUA is proven to have made deaf ears hear and done many other miracles, promising to continually do more among those with faith in this genuine name.

Any Sankofa gymnastics that clergymen may do to aid hearing-impaired people, must be to return to the faith in the true name of the Savior—YESHUA HaMashiach—the ONLY name the Almighty has vested His wisdom and power, by which anyone gets healing from every disease condition, and the Life of the Creator to dwell in him.

Any hearing-impaired person, whose body gets to be indwelt by the Spirit of YESHUA, through the new birth, looses this disability automatically. Any disable person yet to be born again, who gets any Spirit-filled servant of the Almighty to lay his hands on him, is blessed in having the Holy Spirit pass through his body to flush out the disability, permanently.

May it not be that when Heaven opens for holy men to be admitted, some clergyman would be apologetic to anyone who is barred from entering because clergymen could not show him how to qualify to enter! Shalom., pub-6336011652228911, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0