Oakland Pastor Robbed Of Money, Jewelry After Church Service


Oakland-Pastor-Cornell-WheelerReportedly, a pastor who grew up in Oakland City, California and knew most of the people in the neighborhood of his church, was robbed on Sunday evening after church service, when he went out for a bite to eat at a local diner.

The Oakland pastor, Cornell Wheeler, had just left Lena’s Soul Food Café in the city after sitting down to enjoy a nice meal and relaxing after the Sunday service. However, before the well known pastor could drive away in his car, he was robbed at gunpoint by two men in their 30′s to 40′s.

Apparently the robbers had been attracted by the expensive jewelry that Wheeler had been wearing and thought he would make a good victim for their crime. The frightened pastor was relieved of $300 in cash from his wallet, along with jewelry worth approximately $8,000.

Wheeler said that he was glad that he was not injured or killed during the robbery and he had God to thank for that. He continued that the robbers were obviously seasoned professionals at their crime, because they knew exactly what they were doing and what they wanted from him.

The Oakland pastor went on to describe what happened during the robbery, “I get one foot in, then this guy comes from across the street and approached me and he had a gun down like this with his hand on top of the gun and said ‘give me your money and give me your jewelry.’”

Although several other people were around at the time of the robbery, they didn’t come to the aid of Pastor Wheeler, because they thought that he knew the men who were standing talking to him.

Pastor Wheeler went on to say that today, things are very different in Oakland than when he grew up here as a child, because some people now don’t seem to want to work hard for the things they need in life. He added that today’s attitude among some is to take whatever you can get, by whatever means possible.

One thing the Oakland pastor has learned from this experience is not to display expensive jewelry when you are out in public view. He adds that, from now on, he will leave his jewelry at home.