Ghana Under Spell – Reverend


thumb‘I recently had a revelation during which God told me that the country is under curse and no matter what we do, if the leaders and the people don’t repent from their evil deeds, the country will not succeed in whatever it does.

‘Ghana is under curse because of the attitude of some political and religious leaders who are using their positions to only fight for their selfish interests to the detriment of the people, he indicated.

Speaking to DAILY GUIDE in an interview, the reverend minister noted that the call for peace by Ghanaians was misplaced.

According to him, Ghanaians must pray, repent and reconcile with God to avert His wrath.

‘Over the past few years, I get worried when I think about Ghana. The rate at which disasters have visited our doorsteps makes me panic and wonder if we are on the right path with the Almighty,’ he said.

Making reference to Isaiah 3:1-5, Rev Mark-Robertson explained that whenever the Israelites suffered calamities beyond their understanding, they turned to God for reasons and He always answered them.

He chided some men of God in the country who extort money from their followers.

‘Instead of these religious leaders to pray to avert God’s wrath on the nation, they have resorted to using certain dubious means to rob their church members of huge sums of money,’ he added.

He alleged that some pastors, who operate what he termed as ‘one man churches,’ visit ‘juju’ men to get some spiritual powers to perform miracles and collect the monies of unsuspecting church members.

‘Some religious leaders in Ghana have taken a cue from the traditional priests.

‘I cannot fathom why majority of Ghanaians continue to live in abject poverty even though God has blessed this country with almost all we need to improve our standard of living. Ghana is indeed under a curse,’ he alleged.

From Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi