Putin Warns Obama: Tell The World About Nibiru or I Will


Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a shocking ultimatum to Barrack “Hussein” Obama. In a private telephone conversation, the Russian president reprimanded his American counterpart for furthering the Nibiru cover-up, and demanded the American president “come clean” and warn the world about Nibiru’s impending arrival and publicly detail the disastrous consequences the rogue system will wreak upon planet Earth.


Two weeks ago, we reported that former KGB officer Strelnikov Isaak Stepanovich revealed that American leaders used the threat of nuclear war to silence Russian leaders from alerting the nibiru6-300x300world to Nibiru’s threat; Putin’s announcement not only corroborates that information but also confirms that the Kremlin is defiantly withdrawing from the thirty plus year cover-up, and is willing to dismantle the conspiracy despite Washington’s threat to “nuke Moscow.”

According to our confidential source, who obtained the leaked information from a British intelligence agent, the conversation between Putin and Obama lasted only seven minutes and left President Obama looking “agitated,” “upset,” and “irritated,” at Putin’s demands. For decades, Russian leaders have anxiously sought to blow the whistle about the brown dwarf star and its orbiting planets, but a watchful and malicious White House repeatedly threatened a nuclear reprisal if Russian leaders or scientists went public with credible information on Nibiru’s threat to our world. Now, it seems, Putin has received information allowing him to abrogate western intimidation. Our Moscow source reports that Putin discovered that America had been bluffing about its willingness to start an atomic war over Nibiru. That bluff worked well against Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Medvedev. However, the bluff collapsed when Kremlin security specialists intercepted and deciphered a “confidential” email from President Obama to Hillary Clinton, siphoned from her private, controversial e-mail server.


“We’ve fooled them this far,” Obama wrote. “They actually believe we will risk destroying our countries. Who ever thought a bluff would work this well. I should play poker professionally.”

On discovering the contents of the e-mail, an enraged Vladimir Putin immediately phoned the White House and demanded to speak with Obama, who at the time was in a golfing match PlanetX1-300x225with David Cameron. With tensions high, the United States Secret Service and National Security Adviser Susan Rice alerted Obama to the situation, and Marine One, the president’s helicopter, whisked him to the White House under increased security. Our source confirms that Obama was visibly shaken during the conversation.

A verified excerpt of the private conversation cites Putin’s most shocking remarks: “We shall no longer cower in the face of false American threats. You have impeded the truth for far too long. You and your predecessors are adversaries of  truth and of potentially saving lives. Since your voice has farther reach and carries greater impact, I give you once chance to tell the world about Nibiru. If you don’t, I will.”


Western whistle-blowers like Paul Cox, Eugene Ricks, and Dr. Ronald Shimschuck have recently risen from the shadows, breaking silence at risk to their own safety. Russian physicist and astronomer Dyomin Damir Zakharovich recently appeared on German television to talk about Nibiru; his research supports the contentions of his western counterparts. It appears that his bravery is at least partly responsible for Putin’s thunderous stance against western intimidation.

Recent developments prove one certainty: Nibiru is here, and colluding governments are now powerless to maintain the veil of secrecy they’ve so desperately fought to preserve over the last last thirty years.

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