Mahama gov’t most corrupt in Ghana’s history – Bawumia


82232558The Vice Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has described the John Mahama-led National Democratic Congress government as the most corrupt government in the history of Ghana.

Speaking at a campaign in Bongo in the Upper East Region, Dr. Bawumia also accused President Mahama of not being honest with Ghanaians.

“John Mahama’s government is the most corrupt government in the history of Ghana, there is no question about that; dollar for dollar, cedi for cedi, this is the most corrupt government. And he has the audacity to come to the north to tell the northerners to vote for him again because he is your brother. Why does your government steal from northerners if they care about northerners and why do they want us to give them an opportunity to steal more from the very northerners they say you are trying to protect. برنامج يجيب فلوس Let’s face it; John Mahama’s government is a disgrace to northerners,” he said.

He said the only way such trend could be reversed is by voting against the NDC and giving the NPP the chance to govern Ghana.

“Northerners were always a proud people, we value our integrity, we don’t have money but we have pride. We are seen as honest people, this is the way our fathers worked. Honesty was the guiding principle of the northern elite of those days and northerners as a whole. لعبة الدومينو المصرية We were honest and we valued our integrity. Today the people of Ghana are viewing us very differently and therefore it is time to restore the pride of northerners and the way to restore that pride is to get rid of this John Mahama corrupt government. That is the only we are going to restore that pride,” he added. دي سي يونايتد

The NPP vice presidential candidate also observed that the NDC government has had a lot of revenue at its disposal yet has little to show for it.

According to him, the NPP with GHC20 billion provided Ghanaians with many social intervention polices but the NDC government with billions of Ghana cedis has collapsed the laudable policies and have plunged Ghanaians into a ditch.

“NPP used GH20 billion to govern Ghana with many social intervention polices; NHIS, Youth Employment, Metro mass transit, Nurses and teacher trainee allowances etc but NDC John Mahama government has at its disposal GHC248 billion yet everything in Ghana is wahala. NHIS wahala, free maternal health wahala, freed ing grants wahala, Nurses and teachers allowance wahala, Capitation grants wahala,” he added.