Akufo-Addo’s position on ballot paper not coincidence – Islamic Cleric


57003513An Islamic Numerologist, Philosopher and a Spiritualist, Mallam Shamuna Ustaz Jibril who is known globally for his accurate predictions on both local and International issues says NPP’s flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s position on the ballot paper has its own spiritual significant.

Read below the unedited interpretation of the number five [5] by the soothsayer in a statement

It is categorically clear that numbers are very important in every aspect of our lives and more especially in the field of religion and spirit. For example the Holy Quran revealed to the Holy Prophet of Islam Mohammed (SAW) which was revealed in Mecca and Medina respectively had 114 Chapters and 6666 verses according to some scholars and it was revealed in the month of Ramadan, the 9th month on the Islamic Calendar, 21st of that month or 27th as said by some school of taught -so also in the Bible and other scriptures.

This signifies the overwhelming meaning contribution of numbers in Religious activities Spiritual issues and so on.

Beyond this every number on the Ballot has a lot of significance which can not be over stated For example (1) Signifies “GOD” (2) Signifies “The Creation of God in two’s Male/Female, Light/Darkness, Front/Back. (3) Biologically it represent the triplet (4) Represent the Cardinal Points and so on. (5) Represent the (5) Sense organs (6) represent the days of Creation according to the Holy Quran, (7) represent the 7 days of the week.

However my Focus of attention on the Ballot is on Number (5), why because I predicted a win for (5). First and Foremost when you categorize the name (Nana) (Addo) (Dankwa) (Akufo) (Addo) you will get 5 groups.

Again, his home town is (Kyebi) which is equal to 5 Letters. Again he is from (Eastern Region) Eastern begins with the Letter ‘E’ which is 5 in figures. Moreover the symbol of the party is the elephant, ‘Elephant’ begins with the letter ‘E’ which is 5 figures.

Nana Addo have (5) daughters to add more his Grandchildren are (5) but all are Females. He also stayed in France for (5) as a Lawyer. He lived most of his entire live in (ACCRA) which represent (5) letters words. He is a Ghanaian, The Country Ghana is (5) letters words.

Nana Addo paid for his nomination fee on ‘Thursday’ which represent the fifth (5) day in Islamic Calendar, Better still Nana Addo is contesting for his third but fifth time. He went (3) times with Atta Mills, he won the first round, they went second round and finally (Tain) decided. 2012 he went with John Mahama and is now going for his third round 2016, In Summary it is (3) but (5), religiously, In the Islamic perspective (5) have a lot of Implication:

1.The (5) Pillars of Islam

2.The (5) Daily Prayers

3.The (5) greatest Prophets (Mohammed, Ibrahim, Nuhu, Moses and Issah).

4.The (5) most important Scriptures, The Holy Quran, Attawarah, Al Injiil, Zabura and (Suufi, Ibrahim waa Musah) respectively.

5.(Fatiaha) The Opening is the fifth (5) Chapters revealed to the Holy Prophet and is considered the most Important than all the Chapters of the Holy Quran.

6.Biblically (5) stones were use to kill Goliath by David

7.Scientifically and Biologically the Sense Organs are (5), politically the last fifth finger is use for Voting.

8.In the field of Sports number 5 is the center of all defenses.

9.Economically money can be accurately counted with 10 fingers. Thus Parliamentary on ballot (5) Presidential on ballot (5)

10.Grammatically the following words have (5) letters: Allah (5), Islam (5), Quran (5), Bible (5), Jesus (5) Light (5). Peace (5) Money (5) Moses (5)

Finally the Election is on 7th December and voting Start at 7:00am to 5:00pm, 7 (SEVEN) in words has (5) letters and the last letter is “N” which represent ‘Nana Addo’, 5 (FIVE) has number has it last letter “E” which represent ‘Elephant’.

This and many others are the great signs of Victory to Nana Addo and the Elephant family, except the will of Allah (Destiny).

If Almighty Allah makes it possible for Nana Addo to win the Election he will be the 5Th President of the 4Th Republic.

The Rest is in the hands of Allah.