The 13 Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019

410, pub-6336011652228911, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 has established the various list of the world’s most dangerous airlines to fly with, basing them according to rating scale out of seven stars. According to the airlines below, all have a scale rating of two stars and below are blacklisted from the European Union.

The International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) is an evaluation system that is designed to access the control system and management of an airline while the ICAO measures the regulations and standards necessary for safety, security, regularity and aviation safety. Usually, most of these airlines lack in-flight products, are terrible in time performance and have been grounded at least once. Particularly, this is due to hijackings, overshot runaways crashes, and bomb threats; these thirteen airlines have a history of unsafety.

#13. Malaysian Airline

Malaysian Airline - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019

Malaysian plane accidents have changed into a frequent viewing in the news planes skidding and flights turning back on the runway have become something we come to sort of expect.
According, iconic Malaysian airlines were not among the top 10 unsafest airlines, but they were not among the top 10 safest either. In historic terms, we are not at the top either.

Malaysia Airlines has witnessed more than a series of bad luck in the past four few years.

Tragedy struck when the Flight MH17, a Boeing 15 crew members and 777 carrying 280 passengers crashed in Ukraine after it was reportedly being shot by ground to air missile.

The plane, which was cruising at a higher altitude of 33,000, was flying from to Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam. It is said to have 295 people on board who died.

Malaysian Airline Crash - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019The latest crash came after few months since Malaysia Airlines (Flight M370), which was carrying12 crew and 227 passengers lost its location never to be seen between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, China.

Although it’s location has not been identified, officials from both Malaysian airline and the Malaysian government agreed to believe it went off the radar in the South of Indian Ocean and that all 239 people on the plane died.

Two occurrences of such terrible magnitude could be written off as bad luck or a coincidence or bad luck.

But a closer view of the Malaysian airline’s history hints at a more serious explanation: a curse. It’s better to know the safer airlines.


#12. China Airline

China Airlines - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019

Chinese national carrier is based in Taiwan which is one of the largest in Asia. Due to unspecific reasons, it is the airlines with a large number of incidents happened to result in major casualties. In 2002 the most serious accident occurred during the voyage Taiwan-Hong Kong and 225 people were killed. Also, an interesting fact is that China Airlines has a few years unsolved difficulties concerned the communication during flights, lack of pilots, especially crossing over the Czech Republic territory.

25 May 2002; China Airlines 747-200; close the Penghu Islands, Taiwan: The aircraft collided with the ocean around 20 minutes into a planned flight from Taipei to Hong Kong. The effect zone was in the Taiwan Straits close to the Penghu Islands around 75 km from the Bank of Taiwan. Climate and flight conditions were typical, and no misery flag or other correspondence was gotten preceding the crash. The mishap examination presumed that the in-flight separation was because of an auxiliary disappointment in the rearward lower flap segment of the fuselage. The examination credited this inability to a deficient repair of tail strike harm that was managed in 1980. Every one of the 19 team individuals and 206 travelers was murdered.

The mischance aircraft was the last 747-200 in traveler benefit with China Airlines and was to be sold to another bearer one month from now. As indicated by Boeing, the aircraft was conveyed to China Airlines in July 1979 and had aggregated around 21,180 arrivals and 64,394 flight hours. This about 22-year old aircraft was more current than comparative models in the armadas of U.S. airlines. As per the FAA, the normal period of Boeing 747-200 and 747-300 models in U.S. airline armadas at the season of this occasion was 24 years.

China Airlines - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2017This was the 26th lethal occasion including the Boeing 747. The following latest 747 occasion was an October 2000 Singapore Airlines mishap in Taipei that slaughtered 79 travelers and four team individuals. There have been a few lethal occasions including in-flight breakups, including the 1996 occasion including TWA Flight 800 and a November 2001 deadly occasion including an American Airlines Airbus A300 over New York City.

Past in-flight breakups including plane airliners have been because of changed causes, including a fuel tank blast, serious climate or other barometrical wonders, bombs, rockets, and midair impacts.

20 August 2007; China Airlines 737-800; flight 120; Naha, Japan: Shortly in the wake of arriving at Naha on the island of Okinawa, the left motor burst into flames, and the group started a crisis clearing. In spite of the fact that the aircraft was devastated by flame, each of the 157 travelers and eight group individuals survived. Since this occasion did not bring about a traveler passing, it doesn’t constitute a deadly occasion as characterized via

The 13 Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019

#11. Turkish Airline

Turkish Airline - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019

In these recent years, Turkish Airlines has become the major airlines in the Arabic world and Europe. It has shown an unprecedented time of growth, and the fleet explodes from less than 100 about a decade ago to 288.

The fleet is well maintained and young, but the operational is their hub strategy which explains that about 80% of the flights originated or end at Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

Mostly during the peak seasons the airport manages more than1,000 flights daily, more than it was designed for. Especially during the Winter when more runways are often unusable because of unfavorable weather, Istanbul Airport, their infrastructure as well as ATC services are on the verge of collapse.

#10. Tara Airlines

Tara Airlines - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2017

Located in Kathmandu, Nepal this airline was initially established in 1998 which was considered to be one of the biggest private operators in Nepal.

In the past few decades, Tara airline has been involved in a series of incidents which eventually led to deaths of more than thirty passengers and crew also destroying a couple of aircraft.

On the other hand, they are the best in time performance compared to any airline in Nepal and offers snacks and beverages on flights.

Like all Nepal’s airlines, they are banned from flying to European airspace, and they have not completed any components of the IOSA.

The 13 Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019

#9. Susi Air

Susi Air - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019

The combination of smaller planes, weather, extreme terrain, communication difficulties with air traffic control and non-cooperation from local tribes are the factors which contribute to the safety of the airline.

Susi airline operates charter and commercial flights throughout Indonesia islands and has been in existence since 2004. They are the only airlines in Indonesia that hire pilots from Western Countries.

After a rough decade of crashes and deaths, the United State Embassy personnel are prohibited from flying on this particular airline. According to the nature of the planes, you can’t expect any flight crew apart from the pilots. Though Susi airline is known for being the better Indonesian Airlines, their safety record is still too low.

#8. Merpati Airlines

Merpati Airlines - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019

Merpati Air was established by the government of Indonesia in 1962 as the second state airline. It is a major domestic airline which serves 25 destinations in Indonesia, as well as Malaysia and East Timor.

According to the history of Merpati airline, it has been in a financial crisis and is not operating any flights.Although the fate of this airline is about to become positive since Indonesian government has promised to invest the capital required to start flying again.

According to their safety record, they had over 50 casualties and very serious accidents hence they are banned from flying in any Europe airspace due to safety issues.In the past, this airline has shown interest in obtaining their IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) but due to unpaid fuel bills, frozen operations and unhappy employees it limits every operation.

#7. Daallo Airlines

Daallo Airlines - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019

This airline has become one the worst passenger’s reviews regarding safety, service, and cleanliness. Daallo Airlines Somali-based airline with its headquarters located in Dubai and it operates at Djibouti- Ambouli International Airport. Their destinations include the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa.

In 2010, all flights operations were grounded for Daallo Airlines, but they resumed later in the year; with no evident reason as to why.

According to safety record, this airline has not suffered any casualties though there have been a couple of serious accidents.

#6. Ariana Afghan Airways

Ariana Afghan Airways - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019

Established in 1955 this airline has become one of the largest in Afghanistan. Although it has been blacklisted from the European Union due to safety measures since 2006. During the era of Taliban, this airline was completely grounded, and it has rebuilt itself. The United Nations lifted the sanctions that were hindering the airline from flying internationally.

Due to its history and age the safety record of this airline it’s not pleasing. In 2014 they had written off 19 aircraft, and the total number of casualties counted was 154. Although majority of these incidents happened in 1990’s; Recently operating to seven international destinations and three domestic sites it seems that the airline is not active in trying to maintain and earn safety accreditation

#5. Bluewing Airlines

Bluewing Airlines - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019

Bluewing Airlines has been operating since 2002, and it’s a regional carrier based out of Zorg en Hoop Airport in Paramaribo. Particularly, this is a small airline which transports passengers to destinations in the interior of Brazil, Caribbean, Guyana, Venezuela, and Suriname.

Bluewing airline has spent most of its time on and off the blacklist for the European Union and recently in 2015 remains banned from flying into the European Union.

This airline has had various problems from aircraft safety issues to crashes. In 2000 the four Antonov 28s that were part of their fleet came under after avoiding to follow the safety regulations that includes Ground Proximity Warning Systems (GPWS) on board.

In the past few decades some casualties and crashes with both passenger and crew deaths.

#4. Lion Air

Lion Air - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019

Being the largest privately run airline it began its operations in 2000, and it has the worst safety record on the list. In the most popular countries, the demand for medium-haul jets has been on the rise and Lion Air has offered the opportunity for reasonable orders of Airbus and Boeings. This airline flies over 90 destinations and has established two more airlines in Thailand and Malaysia.

Additionally, Lion Air safety record can be viewed as atrocious with more than eight serious incidents and various fatalities in the last decade. However, it’s surprising that the airline hasn’t had lots of casualties.

Recently in 2012 Lion Air was under scrutiny for both pilots and crew for being in possession of crystal meth. For the expectation, they were banned from flying to EU, and during January 2015 the ministry of transportation froze 53 of their routes.

#3. SCAT Airline

SCAT Airline - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019

This low-cost carrier airline was established in 1997, and it operates on its main hub of Shymkent Airport offering services to most of the principal cities of Kazakhstan and other neighboring countries.

SCAT Airline was banned from entering the European airspace though after a period of auditing by the ICAO held them non-compliant in areas of regulation.

An aircraft boarding 21 passengers crashed while flying to Almaty from Kokshetau and all people perished. Also, other minor accidents have occurred with this particular airline and it still operates with no international safety audit certificate.

#2. Nepal Airlines

Nepal Airlines - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019

Nepal Airlines was Nepal’s first airline in 1958 with a more of domestic flights. Recently it has now grown to fly to over 40 destinations that includes seven international ones. None of these destinations include anywhere in the EU as all Nepalese airlines are blacklisted; including Nepal Airlines.

According to the safety record for this airline isn’t good. Ever Since the 1960’s, there have been numerous accidents and incidents resulting in the deaths of crew members and passengers. In 2014 was the most recent accident to occur when a plane went missing on route to Joomla and crashed; resulting in the 18 people getting killed.

Nepal Airlines has not played in any of the internationally recognized safety audits and remains to be one of the most dangerous airlines in the world.

#1. Aeroflot

Aeroflot - Most Dangerous Airlines in The World 2019

Aeroflot, founded in the year 1923 and become one of the safest airlines worldwide. But in recent time Aeroflot’s safety record once became a nightmare.

During 1973, it was involved in various incidents in which 780 people died, according to the Aviation Safety Network.

In 1974, another 21 casualties, while in 1975 the number went down to 19., pub-6336011652228911, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0