Kwesi Pratt may need an ambulance after polls


The recent election in the United States showed how the media is bias towards the conservative Republican party. They are so brazen in their partiality they scarcely hide their contempt for conservatism. Currently, common sense political analyst in the United States, who see through their agenda, have written off all the major media houses including Newsweek and MSNBC. Even during the last U.S. election cycle, some of them tagged CNN as Clinton News Network for their open support for her candidacy. I need not mention how some were even exposed providing questions in advance to Hillary Clinton.

Some of them were so dishonest and self-righteous to their twisted beliefs, they never saw the Trump earthquake that swept the man to power. They were so condescending toward the average voter in America, many people with different opinion to their own could not even voice them for fear of being labelled a racist and xenophobic. Of course, they missed the boat big time; including all their lily-livered leftist professors on all the major U.S. university campuses. And they cried like babies together with their Hollywood out of touch celebrities.

This disease, unfortunately, is not only destroying the profession of journalism in America, it has become a serious problem in Ghana. It appears most of the journalist worthy of the name in our own nation play the bread and butter game. The only objective and honest ones can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Yesterday, the champion of this stomach direction journalism spilled his guts when speaking on Accra-based Radio Gold Saturday. He thought he was being funny, but it revealed the innermost feelings of the hardcore Nkrumahist. He was of the opinion that the personnel of the nation’s health providers should prepare because a lot of NPP supporters will be experiencing heart attack on election day.

To be honest, I believe that this bring home the ham and bacon journalist knows what he is talking about, because rigging elections is the breast milk of the NDC apparatchiks. Obviously, the supporters of NPP are aware of their capabilities and it will not come as a surprise to them if they win. On the other hand, the Ghanaian electorates have wised up. There is a limit to how much they can stuff a ballot box and bribe the electorates. They now know that a T shirt and GHc100 will not take them through the next four years. They are no longer afraid of the useless gods they let them swear to when they dish out their bribes. They will take their kickbacks like Daniel Bugri Naabu has done, and vote wisely in the polling booth.

These people are so disdainful of those who have different views as to how Ghana should be governed. They brand all those with divergent beliefs to their own as tribalistic, and praise those who are raping the country and actively creating tribal division when they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They defend people who defraud the country and label people Like Martin Amidu as liars.

December 7th is not too far away. It is rather Kwesi Pratt Jnr who will need the services of an ambulance together with his nation wreckers like Dzifa Attivor and Woyome. I hope nurses and doctors on duty that day will make sure that their defibrillators are in good shape. And I must add, Kwesi Pratt and co. should pray that there will be electricity, because they will be shocked to know that Ghanaians are not fools.