Dentaa Appointed As A Director Of Meridian Link By GUBA


thumb (1)The Royal Borough of Greenwich has been a key partner in the GUBA story for a while now; especially as the borough runs an entity which perfectly encapsulates the whole ethos of GUBA – the Greenwich Meridian Line. This separates the East of the world from the West, a line which runs perpendicular to the equator and sits at the centre of the time zone system.

Its path passes right through London and further down the globe the Meridian Line passes through Ghana in a town called Tema. Dentaa now takes on a senior role as a Meridian Link company director, to help manage this private limited company which will help to further enhance relations between Ghana and the United Kingdom.

Following the path of the Meridian Line as it descends Ghana, we find that it also passes through Salaga in the Northern region, cities in the Upper East region. The Meridian Line has been a hot tourist spot in Greenwich, London for many years and formed a key part of the UK’s Millenium celebrations.

At the turn of the century, to mark the millennium, a twin city link was established between Tema and Greenwich. In 2014, the Ghana Tourism Authority desired to follow the lead of Greenwich and began to turn the wheels on plans to turn the Greenwich Meridian Line into a hot tourism spot in Ghana. This has been a mutually beneficial relationship which has fostered a better understanding and awareness of both the British and Ghanaian cultures, as well as their histories and their languages.

Following a similar visit to Ghana by a Greenwich delegation in 2015, GUBA Enterprise supported the Mayor of Tema Hon. Isaac Ashai Odamtten and his delegation, as they visited Greenwich in March 2016 to establish an official forward-thinking and fact-finding partnership. GUBA also helped to facilitate a Greenwich delegation’s visit of Accra’s first port of Jamestown, which was coincidentally named after King James who had a royal palace at Greenwich.

Such visits have gone a long way to cement relationships on the Meridian Line and to empower collaborations across multi-sectoral areas of interest between the two areas. These visits have also built upon the shared World Heritage status of the ‘Zero Line of Time’ as a development axis linking Greenwich with Tema, the United Kingdom with Ghana and on a larger scale, Africa with the European Continent.

GUBA Enterprise has been a big player in helping to cultivate and develop this incredibly eclectic partnership, having been privy to bilateral discussions between Greenwich and Ghanaian delegations on the development of economic, cultural and educational partnerships.

And GUBA CEO Dentaa has always kept this relationship at the forefront of her mind, fully understanding and appreciating the power of collaboration and the beneficial significance of this particular relationship. “Collaboration between Ghana and the United Kingdom is vital so both countries can learn from each other’s successes!” Dentaa has also said that the past visits have heralded a new era of “economic and educational collaboration ‘Down The Line’.”

There can be no argument that Dentaa Amoateng MBE and her GUBA team have already played a big part in the past and present of the Meridian partnership, and that she fits the bill perfectly to help thrust the collaboration into a prosperous, bright & bold future as Director of the Meridian Link.