16 Problems Only Incredibly Attractive People Would Relate To


Don’t hate ’cause I’m beautiful!

1. Everywhere you go, you feel like 2Pac – All Eyez On You.

joselyn dumas 1


2. Fake lovers.

You are not sure if people genuinely love you for who you are or they just want to get a piece of you for bragging rights.

men wearing pink

Image: G.Q Magazine


3. You live the perfect life.

People thinking that because you’re attractive, you don’t have any issues in this world and that your life is perfect.



4. People spread false rumors about you all the time.

For no godddamn reason!

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5. You are not mentioned when it comes to “masculine” jobs.

because you are too pretty to be doing any heavy lifting task.

Image: Youtube

Image: Youtube


6. Way toooo older guys constantly hit on you.

That’s so not cool when you probably just turned 18 or something.

Image: BellaNaija

Image: BellaNaija


7. And if you are a guy, girls just can’t stop smiling at you in public.

Like seriously? Woman do I know you or something?




8. Finding the PERFECT outfit is like the World War in your closest.

Because every outfit looks fucking AWESOME on you.

Lupita Nyong’o


9. And you feel like you cannot leave your house without looking perfect ALL the time.


10. But there are times you try to dress down when going out because you want people to like you for your personality.



11. People often assume you are dumb.

To them beauty with brains is like oil and water, they just don’t mix.

Image: NigeriaMusicBlog

Image: NigeriaMusicBlog


12. So they do not take you seriously.

peace hyde


13. You have heard the phrase “you must get asked out a lot” more than you are actually asked to go out.



14. You actually have trouble finding a partner.

And people assume because of this you must like the opposite sex.

Image: R8Lust

Image: R8Lust


15. You are seen as a “threat” to other people’s relationship.

Couples jealous meter goes up when you come around.



16. You can’t have guy friends.

They end up confessing their feelings towards you, or they at least try to make a move.