How should you work? How can you perform better and be more productive? How can you be passionate in something that you do not really like? Maybe let me go back to the beginning and also using local examples.

Mostly in developing countries, we are forced to choose certain courses or career paths because of need or lack. If your man challenge is financial and this has been for generations, you are likely to choose a career that can quickly take you out of poverty.

Young people often have to take up either employment or training with the aim of taking care of family needs. This can be at high school, college or university level. One has to choose a path that give income as much as possible and as quickly as possible. However this is may not be the best course of action.

Hence, you find yourself at work doing what you do not really enjoy. But you got to do it because you need the money and because you just found yourself in it. This has a tendency to demotivate high achievers, which can escalate into social problems.

You may start with any choice, but over the years one must drift from just a job, to the job you were born to do. This might mean taking a step back and go back to college to study a transition or bridging course to turn around the career path.

People tend to perform best in their area of passion. Hence find areas of your passion.

But if the area you are is not what you like, what do you do? You do not have to like what you do. Even in the Bible, we find people who did not like their callings. But they still obeyed God. As a result God blessed them. Pray for God to give you the passion to work in that ‘hostile’ environment. He knows why you are there. It’s all part of the plan. Work with God!

God can open an opportunities for you. Do not spend your time criticizing the boss and complaining about the working condition. Sweet-talking your boss on the face and badmouth behind the back.

Here are the three key tips that can help you stay in the plan of God even if you do not like the job:

  1. Work with God. Be prayerful as you work, seek favour and clarity of mind to notice opportunities and lead you to the right tasks, contacts etc.
  2. Seek to be the best or master of your field by doing extra studies and research, Google etc. Position myself as ‘the man to see’ in your field.
  3. Finally, stay positive regardless of how ‘you think’ you are performing. God has the final word in your life and in your work, not the boss.

Keep believing that God controls my life regardless of how people think or say you perform! Your best effort is the ‘God effort’ that He wants from you.

Do your best at work! But do not kill yourself on it!

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