Why Wendy Shay Won’t File Any “Unprofessional Questions”
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For many who have seen the video of Wendy Shay angrily bursting out of Accra FM’s studio while in an interview with her host Nana Romeo, their attention has been fixed on events immediately leading to the Ruff Town Entertainment artiste quitting the studio in haste.

What remains key for protagonist Wendy however, is her clarion call for support for musicians in the industry and her burning desire to grow her craft.

The passionate Wendy is urging the media to desist from focusing on trivia which she says do not add any value to the professional careers of entertainers. Instead, she says the media can engage in the greater service of providing support for various brands to reach higher heights.

It was apparent the musician was not going to answer the host persistently questioning her about any amorous relationship with her manager. What she wanted – rally support for her brand and the entire music industry – was all she was about.

“I don’t know why I am always asked about my relationship with Bullet when there are more important things to talk about that have to do with promoting my craft and brand to reach other parts of the world”, Wendy Shay fought back.

Wendy was in the studio to promote her new single dubbed “Emergency” featuring the popular Ataa Adwoa hitmaker, Bosom P-Yung, however, the unfolding twist callously stole the shine from that noble desire to see her music selling on the international market.

She called the question of whether there was anything between her and her manager cum record label boss, Bullet, ‘unprofessional questions’ before taking the exit.



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