5 clear warning signs he is not looking for commitment


storyDating is fun! That’s a given. But it tends to be more fun when you know that you are both into it and that it is going to lead somewhere special in the long-run.

Often, women and men are on different pages when it comes to commitment matters. You will find that women are always likely to go googly eyes over men they just met hence giving themselves too fast to them only to find out that the guy was just in it to hit it and then quit it. A guy who had wanted nothing long-term to begin with.

Well, love and relationship expert Bernardo Mendez, sheds some light on the difference between men who want something long-term from men who are not commitment-minded (or are just not looking for commitment with you) as he is often asked by women to give advice on how to tell if a relationship is heading towards stronger relationship times or not.

Here are the signs he is not commitment-minded
1.He’s pushing for sex early on
Guys are known to be the physical lot as they often want to move things to the bed a lot faster most of the time. If a guy is interested in something long-term and if you are the kind of woman that he eventually intends to take to his mum and meet his family, he will wait for much longer to even bring up the sex topic.

He will wait to legit know you a bit better so as to make sure that he is doing something that makes sense. He’s not the guy who uses you and then moves on to the next one. He is definitely not the guy who only wanted a “physical” connection with you.

2.He’s not really curious to know you well
If a guy is not thinking along long-term lines with you, he will always talk a lot about himself and only about things that are inconsequential.

He won’t ask you questions that prompt you to reveal more about yourself and who you are. Which then can only mean that he is only in it for the fun of it and not for a relationship that is going into any depth.

3.Imbalance between what he wants and when he wants it

A guy who is not in it for the long-term will not be focused on asking you about the things that matter to you. He is instead only focused on himself and on meeting his own needs. He suggests stuff that is only of interest to him while not caring to know about the things that make YOU tick or about what you want to do.

A commitment-minded guy will be all about balance. About what both of you want and need and he will make those investments initially to get to know you and get into things that are exciting for you so that you feel more attracted towards him.

4. There is no progress in including you in his world

A man who is in it to quit it will not introduce you to his friends, or his family. This is because he is not really interested in making you a part of his life. If you really are into someone, you will want him to be part of your daily life no? You will include them in most things and you will want everyone in your life to know that you’re with them.

5.He is unwilling to talk about the future with you

When a man fails to let you know of what he wants and when he wants it and keeps avoiding “the topic” for a very long time then he is possibly looking for something very short-term.

If a guy is really not into you, he is going to push, hint and tell you what his plans are and he is going to push them forward so that you will be left knowing that he is all in.

When he is very comfortable and not telling you what he wants and when he wants it and you are the one who has to keep pushing him to give you more all the time, then heartbreak may be in the works. This is the clearest sign that a guy is not really thinking about commitment.