This news comes at a bad time, as the city is more reliant on at home internet than ever. Credit: Marcelo Graciolli/ Flickr

Thousands of Telenet customers in Brussels have been left without internet after a major cable was cut during construction works.

Since 2:00 PM on Monday there have been reports of reduced services across Brussels, with a particular issue in the city centre. “A fibre optic cable has been accidentally cut at a construction site, and it takes time to find a solution,” explained Telenet.

This breakdown comes at a particularly difficult time, as internet connections have proven vital for people working at home.

Common Sense@Common_Sens

@telenet Nieuwe werkdag, still no internet in Brussel… Komt er nog iets van communicatie? Of status-update? Probleem is er al sinds gisterenmiddag, dus kom niet af met “onvoorzien plots probleem, scrambling to get info, alle hens aan dek” zever…

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Translation: New working day, still no internet in Brussels … Is there anything about communication? Or status update? The problem has been there since yesterday afternoon, so don’t come up with “unexpected sudden problem, scrambling to get info, all hands on deck” nonsense … #telenet

“The moment is particularly inconvenient,” Coralie Miserque, spokesperson for Telenet explained to Bruzz. “Now that working from home is the norm and a lot of people depend on the Internet, we understand it can cause a lot of problems.”

“Our teams are doing everything they can to put our services back in working order. We hope all issues can be resolved by Tuesday afternoon,” Miserque added.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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