A person is seen hangin on the outside of a metro car. Credit: Screengrab GIFGAS/Youtube

The Brussels public transport company STIB will file a complaint against two ‘metro surfers’ after a video of a person hanging outside the metro appeared on YouTube.

A video, in which a person is seen hanging on the outside of a metro car and entering the subway’s driver’s cabin, has been uploaded to YouTube by the account GIFGAS.

STIB will file a complaint against the unknown ‘metro surfer’ and the person behind the camera.

“This is absolutely not okay, and we are taking this very seriously,” STIB spokesperson An Van Hamme told The Brussels Times. “First of all, these people are putting a lot of others in danger. Secondly, videos like this could encourage others to do the same, and we do not want that either,” she added.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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