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Belgium’s national railway company SNCB confirmed on Friday that it was maintaining its train service at current levels while stepping up hygiene measures.

The company also said it was following the recommendations of the National Security Council very closely to limit the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

“Special attention is paid to cleaning our trains, especially surfaces that commuters touch most often,” such as shelves and ramps, SNCB spokesperson Vincent Bayer said.

Further, the SNCB is urging travellers to avoid paying cash as much as they can. “We are also asking our staff to keep at a certain distance from travellers and vice versa,” Bayer explained. “Attendants will do visual checks to avert physical contact.”

The railway company said that everything went well on Friday and there were no bottlenecks at rush hours. It also confirmed that it would not reduce its train service.

Oscar Schneider
The Brussels Times

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