The shuttle service to Charleroi Airport operates dozens of trips daily from Gare du Midi. Credit: Google Street View

Travellers heading to Charleroi Airport from Brussels will get to hop onboard a reduced-emissions bus as the shuttle’s operator pilots an electric-powered vehicle.

Operator of the service Flibco will put an electric bus on the road for one week which has the potential of cutting down the company’s CO2 emissions by 127 tons per year and per vehicle, according to reports by BX1.

Flibco has already tested autonomous vehicles in between Charleroi Airport’s terminals, which it also connects to the airports of Antwerp and Liège.

The operator, the only company offering direct trips from Brussels to the Airport of Charleroi, connects the around 40 kilometres separating Brussels’ Gare du Midi and the airport of the Walloon city with dozens of trips each day.

Each trip can last up to an hour depending on traffic conditions and can cost travellers upwards of €14 for a one-way trip, or upwards of €25 for a return

The pilot project will mainly aim to evaluate the electric vehicle’s charging time and their range of autonomy, estimated at 2 hours and 30 minutes for trips of up to 200 kilometres, the outlet reports.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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