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You Are A Prophet On Your Own (Part One)

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thumb (1)Verily I say unto you, among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist; notwithstanding, he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than He” Mathew 11:11

Dear reader the above scripture is self-explanatory to the average believer, these where the words of our Lord Jesus Christ describing the inheritance and the greatness of the believer and how powerful we are as Christians but today the church is producing a generation of believers who have been programmed to be “Man of God Occupied” instead of being “Christ Occupied” believers today have been deceived that it’s only certain “men of God” that carry power and solution to our problems but folks I beg to differ because the believer of the new testament carry enough power that makes him greater than John the Baptist and all the prophets of old because you are in the kingdom of God and the kingdom is in us “neither shall they say, Lo here! Or, Lo there! For behold, the kingdom of God is within you” Luke 17:21.

We are living in a time and generation where men have thrown the truth and purity away. We now pursue our ambition and call it ministry and God’s work. We go after our desires and call it God’s reward. No more revelations birthed from prayer and fellowship with the spirit of God. Human ideologies have become God’s message. We are now living in a generation, time and a generation where the message of the church is changing rapidly.

A time where all kinds of prophets and teachers are emerging and administering all kinds of teachings, Churches, and even whole denominations and congregations, are moving away from the old message of salvation through the blood and the cross of Jesus Christ, and we are now moving toward a message of salvation through social activism, prosperity and good works. The old bloody message of the cross is swiftly being replaced by a bloodless message that lacks authority, hope and assurance.

We are living in a Christian age where we are seeing day light robbery on the pulpit by these so called teachers and prophets, they give false teaching and doctrines, folks Instead of hearing the shocking, but life transforming news that men are sinners, people hear classical messages that tells them, “you are blessed, you are prospering, I see you buying a Car, I see you getting a visa to America, your mother is a witch, It is well, …etc.” to mention but few.

Well, I would like to take the equal stand that the Apostle Paul took in his days, when he wrote to the church in Corinth, he (Paul) reminded them that he had been called for one purpose and that purpose was to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. That message was to be his focus and that message was to be his ministry and that is why am taking pain to write this article to enlighten you.

Today people are being deceived to believe that God is living in pieces of stickers, bottles of water, bottles of oil, pieces of handkerchiefs and so on and we have been brain washed to purchase these paraphernalia’s at an outrageous prices beyond our income, people are made to believe that when they have all these things they carry enough power to save and protect them, well let’s say you go to see this your so called prophet and he gives you a piece of sticker for your protection and one day you are going on a journey and you forget the sticker and the car is about getting an accident, tell me Do you disappear from the car to your room to pick up that piece of sticker for it to come and save you?

Dear readers lets be wise you need something greater than these pieces of papers and bottles of water, all you need is the word of God and it will make you what it talks about, go for the word! God is too big to live in those things, even if the sea could not sink Jesus how much more a bottle of water. Let’s face reality have any changes take place after you administered those things or have your problems been solved? Please let’s be wise.

These guys are making the fool out of you to enrich themselves all in the name of God. “Let’s Shine our Eyes”. “ God made the world and all the things therein, seeing that he is the Lord of Heaven and Earth , dwelleth not in temples made with hands, neither is worshipped with men’s hands, as though he needed anything seeing he giveth to all life, breath and all things” Acts 17:24 – 25.

Folks God is too big to live in bottles of water and any of those paraphernalia being administered. It is demonic! Your pastor or prophet does not know your problems better than you do, go to God with your prayers, challenge God with his word, Change from your evil ways and live a life pleasing to God and see if you will not achieve desired results that you need, speak to your current situation with faith and the heavens will respond to you.

The Holy Spirit is available to help you, to teach and to assist you. Utilize the power and the authority you have as a believer to make things work for you. Jesus said it is finished means you now have access to God. The bible says in Jeremiah 3:33 “call on me and I will answer you and show you great and hidden things you do not know”. Did it say go to your pastor for him to call on me before I will answer? NO! But says call unto me me….. Hallelujah

Today we see pastors driving in expensive cars, living in big mansions and eating their choice of delicacies. Today, churches and their leaders have run away from their primary duties and doing all kinds of things that do not help in the propagation of the gospel to all, not even the truth is been preached to the congregation, pastors today preach more of blessings and prosperity messages than preaching on how one can obtain salvation and how one can enter into heaven and escape hell fire, today you see pastors asking for money and other gifts from members before they pray for them, even some pastors have allowed themselves to be used by the enemy, they have conform to the desires of the flesh and going to the extent of even sleeping with some of the young ladies in their church.

Love does not encourage this but personal gain does. Dear reader lets rise up as a nation, a generation, and a Church that will discover the authority and the potentials we carry as prophets on our own and let us not be miss lead by these sheep in wolf clothing, folks when God wanted to give us a gift, He gave us a gift of salvation. How precious is this gift to you? … God help us…. To be continued…

Asewie Kennedy

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