Gay Man Finds God, Turns Straight Is Condemned by the LGBT Community

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Michael-Glatze-used-to-be-gay.-www.allchristiannews.com_Reported by Nigel Boys

It’s understandable why the LGBT community jumps on anyone who criticizes their way of life, but it’s baffling when they more hostile to one of their own, especially if that person has had a change of heart and stopped committing sin in the eyes of God.

That’s exactly what happened to Michael Glatze when he turned his back on his homosëxual lifestyle after receiving Christ into his life. Glatze married Rebekah (pictured) to settle down to a life free from intentional sin. He also envisioned helping others to overcome their un-Godly desires.

Glatze, now a pastor in Wyoming, is set to become the focus of a new film based on his previous un-Godly choices and the fierce criticism he received from the gay community after he wrote an opinion piece last year about “angry homosëxuals.” The role of Glatze will be played by James Franco who is best known for his roles in “This Is the End” and “Oz: The Great and Powerful.”

In an interview with the Christian Post, Glatzes and his wife talked openly about their meeting, married life, and their continual abuse from the homosëxual community.

According to Rebekah, the two met at Bible College in Wyoming and after knowing each other for two years, going to the same classes, and waiting in the same lunch line, they ended up getting hitched.

When asked about his opinion piece on “angry homosëxuals” and married life, Michael replied that he was happy to have given up his sinful lifestyle and has now turned to serving God and helping others overcome their lustful desires. He added that married life was great, even though he waited until he was almost 40-years-old to find the happiness he deserved after a life full of regrets.

Michael went on to say that he still got angry comments and threats from the gay community because they regarded him as a traitor to their kind, but he was happily married and trying to help others overcome the problems he faced.

Michael continued that he didn’t judge homosëxuals for their choice and he was sorry for the upset he may have caused to some of his former friends when he turned his back on his gay lifestyle.

The Glatze’s also talked about a new blog they have set up that aims to help those struggling to leave the homosëxual community. The blog focuses on the healing that God is able to give those who come to Him to help them overcome their lustful desires, adds Michael., pub-6336011652228911, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0