Once again, the rays from the camera could not stand the radiant beauty of Benedicta as she struck the pose!

When beauty meets nature, the beast lay still in its tales for reality cannot succumb to virtuality.

In her red apparel and well positioned stance, her prowess was yet again evident.

This shoot features a setting of growth and green, and a setting of barren but fertile grounds as her beauty is rooted in these beautiful sceneries.

Roses are red…
Violets are blue…
Benedicta Gafah is a goddess,
She is Valentine’s muse!
Venus and Aphrodite, none bears her resemblance.
Enjoy this Valentine’s special!
Check out more pictures below…

Mg 5002

Benedicta Small

Mg 5041-1

Mg 5092

Mg 5118

Mg 5119
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