Parliament of Wallonia plenary interrupted because of a baby...© Belga

Debates were going strong in the Parliament of Wallonia plenary session on Wednesday night when the Head of the Liberal Group John-Paul Wahl suddenly called for an interruption.
The reason: a heated altercation that took place moments before between the clerk and Liberal MP Laetitia Brogniez in the parliament’s cafeteria. Brogniez was there with her new-born baby, which apparently was not “allowed”, several parliamentarians reported, visibly shocked by the scene.

According to parliament regulations, only members – not their babies – have access to this room. And the Walloon parliament does not trifle with regulations.

The plenary session finally resumed after a good half-hour interruption during which discussions were rife, especially between group leaders who intend to seek an amendment to this regulation.

The Brussels Times

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