Coronavirus: first death confirmed in Belgium

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Credit: © Belga

The first patient infected with the coronavirus has died in Belgium, it was announced on Wednesday morning

Minister of Health Maggie De Block and her Brussels colleague Alain Maron announced this on Wednesday, whereafter the news was quickly circulated by the Belga News Agency.

It concerns a ninety-year-old patient, who was treated in Hôpitaux Iris Sud. No more information is known at this time.

“Despite the quality of the care provided by the medical teams, a 90-year-old patient died,” said Minister De Block. “In the name of the federal government, I offer my sincere condolences to his loved ones and wish them much courage in this difficult moment. جائزة رالي داكار 2022 I also thank the entire medical staff for their professionalism and availability.”

“Our thoughts today go out to the family, but also to the medical staff who have been working uninterruptedly since the arrival of the coronavirus, with professionalism and composure,” added Maron. Both ministers call on the media to respect the period of mourning of the family of the deceased patient. تاريخ ارسنال

In Belgium, 267 cases have been confirmed so far. An update on how many new infections have been registered in the last 24 hours is expected ay 11. لعب طاوله على النت 30 AM.

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