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Vote in peace – Mahama


President John Mahama has asked Ghanaians to vote in peace as the country goes to the polls to elect a new president and parliament today, Wednesday, 7 December.

In his last message to Ghanaians on the eve of Election Day, Mr Mahama said urged voters to ensure they cast their ballot in an atmosphere devoid of rancour.

“My fellow citizens, Ghana shall pass the test with distinction. Ghana will continue to rise. Let us vote in peace and tranquility,” Mr Mahama said.

He urged everyone eligible to vote to go out and vote. “All is ready for a successful election. It is your civic responsibility to vote. Let’s everyone exercise their franchise in deciding who governs our nation over the next four years. The Electoral Commission and all who are associated to the successful conduct of the elections have extended tireless efforts to bring us to this stage. Much now rest on our collective shoulders as citizens of this great nation. Securing a peaceful election will rest heavily on how we conduct ourselves.”

“I believe in the strength of our democracy and I am confident that Ghana will emerge from tomorrow’s polls even stronger and more respected among the committee of nations. I believe in the strength of our institutions to undertake this task and I urge all polling officials and all those who will be on duty in connection with the election to conduct themselves in a fair and neutral manner.’’

He added “I commit to stand with you and beside you every step of the way as one of you and as President together with the security agencies, National Peace Council, traditional rulers, religious leaders, international partners and all stakeholders in talking on this scared and noble responsibility for a safe and peaceful Ghana,’’ he added.