Takoradi kidnapped girls’ families to refuse Police DNA request

Takoradi kidnapped girls’ families to refuse Police DNA request


Families of the three Takoradi kidnapped girls who have for the past one year been asking for the whereabouts of the girls have rather met the latest police findings of some human parts with doubts.

A father and sister of two of the kidnapped girls who spoke to Citi News in Takoradi have sworn not to submit themselves for any police forensic test as so many unanswered questions still remain.

After the Western Regional Police Commander, DCOP Redeemer Vincent Dedjoe and his entourage visited the families of the three Takoradi kidnapped girls on Saturday to officially inform them and requested them to participate in a forensic test, father of Priscilla Mantebea Kuranchie, Alexander Kuranchie told Citi News that he cannot avail himself to the Police for any DNA because of secrecy that surrounded the operation.

We were here at the time of their operation and even when they found that there was something in the septic tank, they could have called us to come and witness before they take those things out. But the things have been taken and then sent to Accra before they came to inform us, so I am in doubt.”

When an independent body is setup I will submit myself, but if the police are those going to do the test, I don’t think [I’ll submit myself to it]. I am suspecting a fishy deal so I cannot avail myself to the police.”

The elder sister of Ruth Love Quayson, one of the three kidnapped girls, Rebecca Quayson emphatically told Citi News they would not participate in the forensic test by the police for the same reason of mistrust.


They just came to tell my mum that they would need my parents to do some DNA test but we are not going to do it. Because, one, if we would do that DNA test, we have to see that CID Ametepe, and two, they have to show us the bones or whatever that they took from that hole. This is because how the police are handling this issue, it is as if something is going on and they are not telling Ghanaians the truth.”

They are just doing this to kill the case or make the families to forget everything. No, we will never forget this issue, we will never stop until we see our sister because my believe is that the girls are alive. They think it is getting to election so they will close this issue for the elections next years, no way, we will never accept it. ” she said.

Last Friday evening’s operation by the police at Kansaworodo in Takoradi led to the retrieval of some alleged human parts in a septic tank behind the former resident of the accused Nigerian kidnapper, Sam Udoetuk Wills, which was affirmed by a statement from the Police Service.

This comes just two days after the Chief State Attorney, Patience Klinogo who is prosecuting the two accused, Sam Wills and John Oji, in connection with the Takoradi kidnapped girls revealed in her charge sheet last Wednesday at the Sekondi High court, that the accused persons’ Facebook chats had coded language suggesting kidnapping and blood sacrifice.


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