Ex-Aids Ambassador Threatens To Reveal Secrets About Mahama

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah and Former President John Mahama

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah and Former President John Mahama

Former HIV/AIDS ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, has urged former President John Mahama to call the former Executive Director of the Ghana Aids Commission, Dr. Angela El Adas to order.

According to her, failure on the part of Mr. Mahama to call the former Aids Commission to order to allow her “name rest,” would compel her to release some explosive information about the former President and his wife, Lordina Mahama.

Ms. Mensah, who has since confessed publicly that she lied about her HIV status, made the call in her latest video.

In the video available to DGN Online, she is heard saying “former President Mahama, with all due respect let my name rest, tell your Angela to let my name rest otherwise if I begin to speak you cannot even stand for 2020.”

She added that “what I know about you (Mahama) and your wife, what I know, the information I have in my palm is bigger than your entire NDC party.”

According to Ms. Dzidzor Mensah who reported to be HIV positive but later turned to be a hoax, “listen and listen good, if you claim that the ambassadors were only supposed to be HIV positive, you have to come out. Then with all due respect, former President John Mahama, Angela should come and tell the whole world whether you and your wife are also HIV positive.”

Come Confess

She challenged the former Director of the Aids Commission to come out clear and confess about the fake HIS story created.

She said “Former President John Mahama, with all due respect, please called Dr. Angela El Adas to order because I have decided to stop crying, I have decided to stop complaining about whatever that went on, I put that behind me months ago but I can see that you want to wake up sleeping dogs.”

According to her, “Angela, Angela, you paid me Ghc 800 a month for only one year and you rented a place for me that was Ghc 300 a month only for two years.”

“And today, I want the whole world to know that you Angela, it was you and I in your office that day, we created the HIV story together, we created the story.”

She quizzed “why now do you want to put it on me alone? I have confessed to the public so you too come to confess. Don’t put it on me alone.”

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