COVID-19: Ghana Is 6th Highest With Cases In Africa

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COVID-19: Ghana Is 6th Highest With Cases In Africa
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The confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Africa have surged past 34,000 with Ghana having the sixth-highest number of confirmed cases.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, Ghana’s 1,671 cases announced yesterday places the country behind Egypt (5,042), South Africa (4,996), Morocco (4,246), Algeria (3,649) and Cameroon (1,705).


Of the countries that have recorded more than 1,500 confirmed cases, the WHO data shows that Ghana has recorded the lowest number of fatalities with 16 while Algeria has the most fatalities with 437.

South Africa has recorded 93 deaths, Egypt has 359 deaths, Cameroon has 58 deaths and Morocco has 163 fatalities.

African recoveries

Out of a total of 34,928 confirmed cases recorded in Africa, the continent has 22,068 active cases and 11,336 recoveries.

Check the list below:


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