COVID-19 Exposes Vulnerability Of The World – Rev Dr Boafo

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COVID-19 Exposes Vulnerability Of The World - Rev Dr Boafo


The Most Reverend Dr Paul Kwabena Boafo, Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Ghana, says it will take only the intervention of God to fix the vulnerability and fragility of the world’s citizens, as exposed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We have seen that we are so fragile, as human beings, so much so that it is bringing us closer again to God,” he stated. “Now everybody is saying God save us, meanwhile, we knew that God was around all this while, but we were running at our own pace. We seemed to be running at a pace as if we were outpacing God”.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency, in an interview, in Accra, on Living with the Virus, Rev. Dr Boafo, who is also the Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana, said the inadequacies of human beings had become so bare as the pandemic progressed and killed people unabated.

He, however, expressed relief that the Coronavirus had brought citizens back to do a proper reflection of what was happening in their world, and had also made humankind to rest and to learn to be patient, which he said, were all principles of the Christian life.

“We have learnt our lessons out of the pandemic and since it is going to remain with humans, we will still continue to learn our lessons,” he said.

Rev Dr. Boafo said though the world was now living in a state of increased fear, going back to the scriptures would bring hope, trust and the love of God.

“In this pandemic, we should learn to trust the Lord that He is still sovereign, and he is still with us and has not abandoned his people,” he encouraged.

“Our love for God should not diminish but we should continue to love Him because he is still with us”.

He prayed for those who had lost their relatives to the virus, and urged all persons to keep to the COVID-19 preventive, containment and control protocols to keep safe.

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