Michel Lelièvre requests release with an electronic bracelet© Belga

Michel Lelièvre, Marc Dutroux’s former accomplice, requests his release under electronic surveillance, report Sudpresse titles Saturday, quoting Mr. Lelièvre’s attorney, Benjamine Bovy.
Michel Lelièvre was sentenced in 2004 by Arlon’s Criminal Court (Dutroux trial) to 25 years in jail for abduction and holding of children, and for drug trafficking. He will have completed his sentence in three years and requests his release under electronic surveillance. The administration of the Ittre Penitentiary, where Michel Lelièvre is held, has already delivered a positive opinion, according to Mr. Bovy. “We shall wait and see what the Sentence Enforcement Court thinks; it is up to it to decide; but all of the lights are green,’’ she states.

Having been detained for 22 years now, Mr. Lelièvre first benefitted from temporary absences, then from authorized leave that went smoothly.

“Rather than opening the prison door to him in 2021, at the end of his sentence, without him owing anything to anyone, it is preferable, in the interest of society, to free him beforehand, and to keep him under control, imposing on him strict conditions, as we request in this frame of release under electronic surveillance. Besides, my client is asking for supervision,’’ insists Mr. Bovy.

Oscar Schneider 
The Brussels Times

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