The Dutch airline KLM has announced its plans to cancel one of its daily return flights between Brussels and Amsterdam next March. Credit: cor gaasbeek/ Pixabay.

The Dutch airline, KLM, will cancel one of its daily flights between Brussels and Amsterdam Schiphol in March 2020, the company announced on Friday.

Instead of the flight, passengers will be encouraged to use the Thalys high-speed train for travel between Brussels and Amsterdam Schipol, announced KLM and Thalys.

“In 2020, we will take a big step with the removal of a daily air link to replace it with a more environmentally-friendly train ride. In doing so, we are laying the foundations for the sustainable transport system that we all need to build together for the 21st century,” commented CEO of Thalys, Bertrand Gosselin, reports BX1.

Since 2008, KLM has had a Climate Action Plan in effect that examines the company’s impact in the sky and on the ground.

In 2009, KLM launched a campaign that asked people to fly less. In the campaign’s video, CEO Pieter Elbers asked “could you take the train instead?”, reported The Guardian.

Earlier this year, the airline announced that it will invest in a new factory to produce sustainable kerosene-based on old deep-frying fat and other vegetable oil.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times

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