Juliet Ibrahim Says She Has Been Raped Before


Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim, after being threatened with rape on twitter a few weeks ago, has told BBC News in Pidgin that she has actually been raped before.

“I take rape very serious because rape victims can come out anytime in life. It is something that is very common, it happens to everybody. Ehappen to me. I’m bold enough to talk about it. That be why now I have Superman eye adey look over my niece,” she said.

“If I just see one day that she get on top of somebody’s back, I’ll jump, Jasmine get down from there because I know weytin happen to me. when I was her age, people dey carry me for back dem go dey carry you eeeehh they want to jump around. The next thing they’re doing something at your back”, she added.

According to her, she did not have life on a silver platter. H er childhood memories are nothing fond, they are bad experiences.

“Adon suffer plenty for this life. I was a refugee before, I was poor before. Life, thank you for being kind,” she said.

She recounted that she grew up in three different countries amidst civil wars for Liberia, Lebanon, Ivory Coast.


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