Chief Executive of Engineers and Planners, Mr Ibrahim Mahama, has warned acerbic tongue New Patriotic Party Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Ohene Agyepong, to forthwith, refrain from dragging his hard earned reputation in the mud or face his wrath.

Irked by the incessant but unwarranted and unguarded attacks on his person and family by the foul mouth Assin Donpem-born legislator, Mr Ibrahim Mahama has been narrating how Kennedy Agyepong, for several years without any provocation, has made him his chop stick in the media.

The shrewd entrepreneur and media-shy Engineers and Planners CEO, who is also a younger brother of immediate past president John Mahama, having perhaps had enough of Kennedy Agyapong’s never-ending vituperations in the media, was speaking to well-wishers and friends who thronged his residence to inquire what the problem is between him and the maverick MP.

Most of the people who came to “commiserate” with Mr Ibrahim Mahama following the NPP MP’s recent attacks on him and her late mother; could not fathom why Hon Agyepong, who was only recently adjudged by policy think tank, ODEKRO, as among MPs who never made statements on the floor of parliament in the life of the 6th parliament, would spend much of his time lampooning the business magnate at the least opportunity.

Livid by the shameful behavior of the NPP MP, the former President’s brother intoned: “I don’t go around bragging about what God has blessed me with and I don’t also go round threatening people like what Ken does…but he should know that some people, such me may, not be abrasive publicly as he is but…some of us when we’ve had enough of trash can be as ‘wild’ as the beast.”

Short of sharing exactly what that meant, the usually reclusive and soft spoken Engineers and Planners CEO only told his audience, “go n tell him (Ken) that I can be more ruthless than he thinks he is but, I just respect myself, my family and Ghanaian people hence; I have restrained myself following him into the gutter in spite of his numerous unsubstantiated and wild allegations and most of the time, pure lies.”

“Tell Ken that by the grace of God I have long been blessed before John (John Mahama) became Vice president and later President… is it my fault that my senior brother climbed to those heights? Is it my fault that I am where I am today…I’m not God to determine others’ future and I’m content with what God has gifted me…I don’t compete with anyone neither do I envy those before me and even those after me. It is God’s wish,” he stated.

The NPP Assin Central MP has since the defeat of President John Mahama and the NDC in last December elections, picked on Mr Ibrahim Mahama and his family and has on countless occasions made unguarded statements and spurious allegations against him.

In one such unsubstantiated allegation against Mr Ibrahim, the MP who has always promised to expose shady deals of his political opponents but is yet to redeem any of his pledges, accused the former President’s brother of dealing in cocaine and stolen cars.

In his usual abrasive no hold bar claims on Oman Fm’s Boiling Point programme, Kennedy Agyapong alleged that President John Mahama’s late step mum, who is also the mother of Ibrahim Mahama, was a drug baron. “She is obsessed with drugs and she baths with it,” he alleged

He also accused Mr Ibrahim Mahama of dealing in stolen cars which he alleged the latter supplies to some prominent chiefs in this country.

Interestingly, checks on the CEO of Engineers and Planners, Ibrahim Mahama who is being accused of involvement in stolen cars revealed that, his company is having in its possession over 300 pieces of earth moving equipment, pay loaders, bulldozers, multi-purpose tipper trucks, tankers, pickups etc.

With the attacks becoming one too many, Mr Ibrahim is warning Kennedy Agyapong he has had enough of his gibberish and may be forced to react in like manner “I’m just blessed by God as a young man, I don’t engage in shady deals as Ken has variously alleged neither have I been boastful of where God has placed me…I’m not even directly into politics nor being executive member of my brother’s party, the NDC, so what is my offence that should warrant his (Ken) inexorable attacks on me?” Ibrahim queried.

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