Ghana has lost $10 million following the ban on five vegetable exports to the European market. Poor inspection of infested vegetables was blamed for the ban.

Having put in place a lab and a traceability system, the Ghana Export Promotion Council said it expects the ban will be lifted by September 21.

Moth and insects infected vegetables were glossed over by the inspection organization PPISG according to the Ghana Export Promotion Authority.

Product Development Division director Erasmus Ashun was however quick to add the organization was handicapped.

Ghana was placed under the ban by the food and vertinary office of the European Commission. The vegetables include chilli, aubergine, gourds among others.

A tracking system to monitor to determine which vegetable farms an infested product is coming from has also been purchased to make sure Ghana does not get banned again.

A national task force since 2015 was set in place to make sure Ghana gets it right.

When the European Union inspectorate visits’ the country on September 12 it is likely the ban may be lifted.

The image of Ghana has however been tainted and it will take quite an effort to get the country back on track

If Ghana is able to export by September, the country could rake in close to a million dollars

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