Flemish commuters travel greater distances on electric bikes

The use of an electric bike makes it possible to cover longer distances between home and the workplace than with a regular bicycle.
Flemish commuters travel distances up to three times greater with an electric bike or a “speed pedelec” (motor-assisted electric bicycle) than with a normal two-wheeler, according to figures published today by VAB (Flemish organization for mobility).

With a normal bike, employees ride up to 10 km average to get to work. With an electric model, the distance is increased to 15 km and with a speed pedelec up to 30 or 35 km, VAB said. The share of electricity in commuting in Flanders has almost doubled in two years.

A study by SD Worx (international service-provider in human resources, risk management, etc.) revealed that 25% of workers live within 10 km of their workplace, slightly less than 10% between 10 and 15 km, and 21% between 15 to 30 km. VAB believes that commuters who live the furthest from their work place could be potentially interested by an electric bike or speed pedelec.

Furthermore, 50% employees are prepared to switch to a bicycle as transportation because of increased traffic, VAB added.

The Brussels Times

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