The so-called ‘dropzones’ would replace the first car parking space right in front of pedestrian crossings. Credit: Belga

Brussels Minister for Mobility, Elke Van Den Brandt, wants to solve the parking problems of shared electric scooters in the city by creating areas beside pedestrian crossings to park them.

The so-called ‘dropzones’ would replace the first car parking space right beside pedestrian crossings. “We are going to create these zones so that people can park their scooters in a well-defined place,” said Van Den Brandt in the ‘Ce Qui Fait Débat‘ tv-programme on La Première and La Deux.

“It would be a good idea to put them beside the pedestrian crossings to ensure that cars cannot park there. It would also be safer for pedestrians, as they will be more visible behind the scooters than behind a parked car. It is a win-win situation,” she added.

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Van Den Brandt also wants to expand the areas that are not accessible by scooter, and make them more visible. “We will probably increase the number of streets where they cannot park, so it will be better regulated, cleaner and safer for pedestrians,” she added.

The propositions emerged from a meeting between scooter operators, the Brussels Region, the police and the 19 Brussels’ municipalities, reports RTBF.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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