The Dutch airline, Transavia, tested weighing its passengers as part of a new experiment to reduce CO2 emissions. Credit: cor gaasbeek/ Pixabay.

The Dutch airline company, Transavia, decided to weigh its passengers before their flight on Thursday as part of an experiment into reducing CO2 emissions.

Passengers were weighed on five flights departing from Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands. Participation in the experiment was voluntary, HLN reports.

“By determining the weight onboard more accurately, the fuel calculation can be performed even more accurately with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions,” says Eindhoven Airport on Twitter.

Eindhoven Airport@EINairport

Transavia doet vandaag (op 5 vluchten) een experiment waarbij passagiers worden gewogen. Door een exactere bepaling van het gewicht aan boord kan de brandstofberekening nog nauwkeuriger worden uitgevoerd met als doel minder CO2-uitstoot. Deelname aan het experiment is vrijwillig.

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This experiment by the Dutch airline comes at the same time as a number of airlines are introducing new measures to make air travel more sustainable.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times

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