The cancellations will impact an estimated 27,000 commuters of Belgium’s busiest train station. Credit: © Belga

Thousands of commuters will see their daily journeys impacted during peak rush hour, with over two dozen trains are cancelled or diverted, as planned works kick off in Gare du Midi.

Set to kick off on 14 October the works, meant to overhaul parts of the station’s signalling system, will see dozens of trains scrapped from both the morning and evening rush hours.

The works are expected to be ongoing until 11 November and will mostly impact the rail service during rush hour, with national railway company SNCB/NMBS saying that service throughout the rest of the day will carry on normally.

Additionally, 35 morning and evening rush-hour trains will also see their schedules modified or their routes cut short, according to HLN.

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The renovations are expected to impact an estimated 27,000 people who travel from or into Gare du Midi, Belgium’s busiest railway station during the morning and evening rush hours.

The works to replace the station’s signalling system, which is over half a century old, is “vital” to guarantee the safety and reliability of rail traffic in the station, SNCB in a statement.

Travellers affected by the deviation of trains will have access to STIB’s public transport network in Brussels during the duration of the works, the SCNB added, with travellers on cancelled trains “invited” to take a different train.

The works are expected to be the last stage of a large-scale renovation of the infrastructure of Gare du Midi’s northern junction which kicked off in 2014, during which the station’s security infrastructures such as emergency exits and security cameras were also renewed.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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